How to add to lips gloss

How to add to lips gloss

Lips with damp gloss always look tempting and is fresh. Of course, it is possible to carry with itself lip gloss everywhere and to regularly apply it to support "shine". But anyway, basis of beautiful make-up are healthy well-groomed skin of lips.


1. First of all, provide organism with enough water. 1-1.5 pure liters are necessary minimum. Consider that significant amount of coffee and alcohol influence liver and as a result lead to dehumidification of skin of lips.

2. Eat healthy food, vitamin-rich A, E, C and Century. These vitamins well influence condition of skin generally and lips, in particular.

3. Take care. Consider that stress, the physical and intellectual overwork, the postponed diseases negatively affect condition of skin.

4. In situations with sharp temperature difference (both in the winter, and in the flying) you apply protective and nutritious lipstick on lips more often, it is possible just hygienic. Surely do it before exit to the street, after meal or drink. Do not lick lip on the street, especially in the winter at all.

5. If in the afternoon you use decorative lipstick then for the night surely oil lips natural vegetable. Will approach sunflower, olive, sesame, wheaten germs. It is possible to add drop of oil Ayevita solution to them (mix of vitamins A and E). If you not the lover of color lipstick, then oil can use several times during the day. As marching option good hygienic lipstick or usual children's cream will approach.

6. Regularly do massage of lips by means of soft toothbrush or facecloth (1-2 times a week). It will help to remove devitalized scales and will improve blood supply, so lips will look fresher and bright. But if you have cracks or wounds, postpone massage until full healing.

7. After massage make nutritious mask, for example, from cottage cheese with cream or sour cream, it is possible to add to it a little honey. Upon termination of the procedure it even should not be washed away - just eat. After mask in addition oil vegetable or fat cream. After such procedures, skin looks smooth and humidified.

8. If lipstick not really soft, you apply it over lip balm. Thus you will better look after lips, and lipstick will look more brilliant. Remember that resistant lipsticks dry and pull together skin therefore be not fond of them.

9. Choose lip gloss on feelings. It should not spread strongly (though absolutely it will not be possible to avoid it) and, ideally, not to be felt on lips. Under gloss it is possible to apply lip balm too, but not fat, and moistening.

10. To avoid spreading, to give to lips more natural shine and to optically make them fuller, makeup artists recommend to apply gloss not on all surface of lips but only drop in the middle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team