How to add volume to hair

How to add volume to hair

Unfortunately, not each woman can brag of hair dense and magnificent by nature. But it is possible to cope with this problem if to listen to councils of hairdressers and to make certain efforts.


  1. First of all, pay attention to shampoos with the inscription volume (volume) in which contents there are substances thickening hair. It either silicone, or keratins and proteins. Shampoo with silicone will make your hair volume, but, unfortunately, its action in short term. Keratins and proteins, besides giving to your hairstyle of splendor, feed and strengthen hair. You will achieve bigger effect if add this shampoo with conditioner or the corresponding conditioner.
  2. The good effect can achieve, using broth from lyubistok. This plant does hair voluminous, silky and brilliant. Broth is prepared so: fill in tablespoon of the crushed root in thermos with glass of boiled water and leave for the night. Then cool and rub weight in roots of hair, and moisten with other liquid hair.
  3. After shower use styling mousse. When drying phenom "tousle" hair to create it volume. For this purpose it is possible to apply gel of superstrong fixing also.
  4. Apply on hair spray for volume, and then comb hair in the direction opposite to their growth, and set the received result by varnish of weak fixing.
  5. The type of hair in many respects depends on laying. If you want your hairstyle to look volume, then, first, you dry hair warmish air at distance not less than 15 cm from the head; secondly, use the hair dryer concentrator or the diffuser and various nozzles brushes by means of which it is possible to create hairstyle.
  6. You will be able to give volume to the hairstyle if you dry hair, having inclined the head down, and then by means of nippers wind several locks from outer side of hair and you will make pile.
  7. The solution of the problem of volume in many respects depends on the correct hairstyle, especially, if you have fine hair. Long hair always look even more thinly, and it is difficult to make them magnificent. You will suit hairstyle of average length with fragmentary contours and bang. Short hair should be cut "steps" that the hairstyle has taken multilayer form.
  8. You can resort to such known way as highlighting of hair. Especially effectively in this case use of several shades of paint.
  9. More magnificent hair after any coloring as their corneal layer under the influence of paint becomes rough look, and they already not so densely adjoin each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team