How to adjust figure

How to adjust figure

Buying new suit or dress, do not forget that the new thing has to sit ideally and expressively on figure. Special linen which adjusts figure will help to hide any shortcomings of figure which are available for each woman. When using such linen practically any thing of clothes will ideally sit on your figure.

It is required to you

  • Time to do some shopping, good taste and money, shapewear.


1. Be defined from the very beginning what linen is necessary for you: dragging away or adjusting. The dragging-away linen only slightly will change your forms, will a little reduce dimensions. It will suit women with small defects of figure (folds on waists, slightly sticking out stomach and so forth). And the shapewear is capable to solve already more complex problems of improvement of your forms. It not only will visually reduce your volume, but also will give to figure more nice look – will tighten buttocks, will create beautiful waistline, will round hips, will make more flat stomach and higher bust.

2. Having decided on the choice of linen (adjusting or dragging away), do not make fatal flaw. Namely: do not choose linen on one or two sizes less. Big delusion will think that it you give to the figure special symmetry. It is not difficult to provide that will become with figure if to buy linen two sizes smaller. The discomfort, squeezing of body is guaranteed to you that will lead to deterioration in health and health in general. And the appearance will not please you too as excessive "utyanutost" will look unnaturally. Therefore, going to shop behind shapewear, choose only that which is ideal for you by the size.

3. Except the correct size, you need to choose shapewear type. It can be defined, making a start from problem places of your figure. If your problem places - the stomach and hips, then are better to give preference to the dragging-away pants shorts. And if buttocks and legs, then in this case optimum approach drawers. It is possible to buy decorative corset also. It will emphasize the line of your waist, will reduce its volume, will correct bearing, will raise breast.

4. When choosing give preference to linen from modern synthetic materials. Perhaps, it not such breathing as linen from natural materials, but ideally copes with objective – correction of your figure.

5. Do not save on quality of linen at all. The shapewear is bought not for constant socks and has to serve to you not one year. Consider linen attentively - in qualitative linen surely there has to be special inside layer from cotton gusset.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team