How to adjust make-up problem face

How to adjust make-up problem face

Problems with skin – at all not the reason to refuse make-up. Correctly imposed make-up not only will camouflage shortcomings, but also will protect skin from adverse external effects, so, the problem will not be aggravated. However all means, necessary for correction, need to be chosen attentively and to put correctly.

It is required to you

  • - tonic or lotion;
  • - base under make-up;
  • - tone;
  • - proofreader;
  • - friable powder;
  • - set of brushes and sponges.


  1. Choose means from the checked producers. They are issued in various price segments – from mass to luxury. Get them in specialized shops, perfumery boutiques and drugstores – where cosmetics is stored in appropriate conditions less chances to receive fake instead of original means. It is not obligatory to buy all means of one brand – form the arsenal to own taste and opportunities.
  2. Before drawing make-up carefully wipe face with the cotton tampon moistened in lotion or tonic. Choose soft formulas without alcohol with addition of natural antiseptic agents – for example, tea tree oils. Tonic with addition of talc will be suitable for oily skin, dry flower waters with extracts of lavender, green tea or camomile will be pleasant.
  3. Apply basis for make-up to slightly moist skin. Choose means without spangles or nacre – they will only emphasize the available shortcomings. Attentively study the label – it is desirable that means had the moistening effect and contained sun-protection filters.
  4. Cover all face with tone means with the moistening and matting effect. Do not use tone of color of suntan – on problem skin it looks unnaturally. Choose means of moderate density and comfortable structure. It is desirable that it did not contain mineral oils – problem skin can react to them with new rashes. For causing tone it is convenient to use small flat brush.
  5. Apply on problem sites the dense proofreader of suitable tone. The remedy of yellowish shade is considered universal – it well hides reddenings. Choose suitable texture and way of drawing. Proofreaders are in the form of dense cream, paste, emulsion or pencil. The means is more dense, the covering abilities are higher than it. Put it with sponge, small flat brush or fingertips and shade, slightly driving in into skin. You do not aim to create effect of the photoshop – at daylight the face will look mask.
  6. Estimate result at different types of lighting. Make sure that the make-up does not lie spots, there are no sharp not shaded borders under chin, at forehead and temples. Gather on big fluffy brush friable powder of neutral beige tone or colourless and plentifully put it on face. Fanlike brush brush away surplus.
  7. Couple of the most noticeable heat-spots did not manage to be disguised? Distract from them attention. If inflammation is in the lower part of the person, allocate eyes, having carefully put shadows and ink and having beautifully issued eyebrows. If problems are concentrated on forehead or nose bridge, shift color focus, having emphasized lips with lipstick or gloss of saturated tone. You aim not to get rid of shortcomings, and to emphasize advantages – then your person will look attractively at any condition of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team