How to adjust the machine for hairstyle of hair

How to adjust the machine for hairstyle of hair

Machines for hairstyle allow to look after in house conditions short hair. That in set several different nozzles are delivered length of podstrigayemy hair can be calculated to millimeter. However that in operation of the machine for hairstyle of hair "surprises" were not observed, it needs to be regulated.


  1. Attentively study the accompanying instruction. As a rule, in this technical documentation the practical recommendations connected with safe and correct operation of the device are made.
  2. Carry out all operations connected with adjustment of the machine for hairstyle of hair only after be convinced personally that the device is cut off power. If the machine for hairstyle works on accumulator batteries, pull out them before starting adjusting works.
  3. Regulate in machines for edge hairstyle and also tension. Of course, different models of hairdresser's devices have some features, but the principle of control of these components is almost identical.
  4. To adjust edges, check for a start their location. The upper edge has to be located from 0.8 to 1.6 mm in relation to lower. If additional adjustment of this element is required, weaken bolt which holds the lower edge, and adjust its location.
  5. For adjustment of tension turn the handle regulator counterclockwise (turn before emergence of easy resistance). It is not necessary to twist the regulator with a great effort at all.
  6. If edges have become soiled or on them small hairs have accumulated, do not lower the machine for hairstyle in water at all. In set with this hairdresser's device are delivered soft brush by means of which it is possible to clean edges qualitatively.

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