How to anesthetize depilation

How to anesthetize depilation

girls dream of silky and smooth skin without excess hairs. Some at the same time are ready to stand unpleasant, and at times and painful feelings for the sake of beauty. Depilation – the procedure very discomfortable, especially some of its types. Therefore on the way to smoothness of legs it is worth to remember about opportunity to make the procedure of less painful.

It is required to you

  • - special cream with lidocaine;
  • - lidocaine capsules;
  • - prilokain;
  • - lidokainovy spray;
  • - ice.


  1. For effective anesthesia use special cream which main component is lidocaine. Apply it to skin for hour prior to the procedure and at once cover with food wrap. Do not rub cream in skin, its components will work and so. If you did not manage to buy cream, then for anesthesia you can take pair of capsules of lidocaine and rub to places where will be depilated.
  2. As use analog of lidocaine prilokain. However before doing anesthesia, define own sensitivity on these two medicines. To pregnant women and also women with arrhythmia, problems with liver and metgemoglobinemiya use of lidocaine is undesirable.
  3. You can hypodermically enter lidocaine (solution 2%) if you have experience. Take the insulin syringe and at all length of needle enter solution under skin most close to surface. After that half take the syringe and make injection in artificial tunnel. Some time you will feel burning, and then solution will resolve, and the range of anesthetic will be about 2 cm. You carry out the following injections from each other at distance of 4 cm. You do not enter lidocaine deeply as the fat layer, but not hair bulbs which are located a little above will anestezrovatsya in this case. Medicine works about an hour. In comparison with expensive saloon anesthesia, such way is very effective and available.
  4. For relief of weak pain buy lidokainovy spray (10%). However it should be put at least in three hours prior to depilation as its action shows slowly. Such spray is not suitable for bikini zone. For these places (4%) is better to use xycain solution.
  5. Try to anesthetize the depilated site by means of ice though some masters advise to maintain normal body temperature, without cooling. But you can try to facilitate depilation, having wrapped ice piece in slightly moistened matter or plastic box, and having put it to the processed place. Is on sale as well ice which is frozen in extra packings that it when thawing did not flow down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team