How to apply blush

How to apply blush

When it comes to ideal make-up, usually say about how it is correct to make up eyes, to bring eyebrows or to impose lipstick. And very often miss such important thing as blush and bronzator from attention. In fact this, apparently, such ordinary and hardly noticeable component of decorative cosmetics is capable to make the real beauty of the most ordinary woman. But only provided that blush is picked absolutely correctly up for color and appropriately put on face.


  1. The main purpose of blush is not to adjust features as it often is considered, and to give to skin fresh, well rested look. The blush and bronzator which are correctly picked up for color are capable even to make tired face shining, fresh and young-looking. But blush can kill all appearance if they are imposed incorrectly or their shade is not in harmony with color of skin, eye and hair.
  2. Choosing blush for daily make-up, first of all pay attention to their color and texture. Dry blush is easier applied, gives more transparent, light tone. In need of them it is simpler to remove. Fat or creamy blush is more intensive on color, keeps on skin longer. With their help it is simpler to emphasize any given parts of the face.
  3. When choosing color of blush try to avoid too bright or too dark tones which can discord with natural shades of the person. If yours tsvetotip treats warm, autumn scale, be guided by beige, terracotta, peach shades of blush. If in your appearance cold color prevails, you will suit light pink and red blush.
  4. Special brushes with long elastic pile will be necessary for you for putting blush. Fat blush is imposed by sponges from soft dense foam rubber and pounded by the easy movements of fingers. Blush is touch-up of make-up, they are applied at the last minute after the person is completely issued. Therefore never impose blush on the naked skin which is not covered with previously cosmetic basis for make-up and powder. In this case blush will worse lie and osypitsya quickly.
  5. The main points on face for putting blush are cheekbones, forehead, chin and lobes of ears. On cheekbones that to emphasize them, apply blush of more dark shade and carefully shade them brush. Only slightly emphasize forehead and chin with lighter blush, creating the fresh, shining image. Slightly paint lobes of ears with light pink dry blush.
  6. If you want to give to the image additional sexuality, apply a few nacreous, flickering blush on the most upper points of cheekbones under eyes. Such reception will force to shine your eyes and will expressively emphasize the line of cheekbones. But if you do make-up for day time, be very accurate with amount of blush and intensity of color. Otherwise instead of sexual, shining face it is possible to receive the vulgar mask making pathetic impression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team