How to apply bright lipstick

How to apply bright lipstick

Lipstick - the powerful tool of fashionistas! And bright lipstick - classical trend! However it is worth being more careful with this whimsical feature, it is necessary to know how to pick up and to correctly apply bright lipstick.

It is required to you

  • - liquid foundation;
  • - lip balm;
  • - planimetric pencil for lips;
  • - lipstick;
  • - powder;
  • - lip gloss;
  • - napkin


  1. We select lipstick for the tsvetotip: - Tsvetotip summer - the cold direction in appearance. Girls with light pink and light-olive skin, fair hair from blonde to chestnut-colored, but without red shade treat this tsvetotip. Color of eyes - from blue, gray, green to brown, but is always traced cold shade and kind of gray haze, there is no sharp contrast between iris and protein. Lipstick will suit summer girls cold pink shades and color of fuchsia. - Tsvetotip spring - skin of golden-peach shade, can be colors of ivory with pinkish shade. Natural blondes, brown-haired women and red-haired treat this type. The main thing in color hair - reddish outflow. Such girls can have no too dark eyes. Lipstick of warm pink shade, and also coral will be suitable for girls of spring type. - Tsvetotip fall - the warm direction in appearance. Skin representatives of this type of appearance can have colors of ivory, bronze color, peach, and can even be with olive shade. On face often there are freckles. Hair of red color, can be dark brown, but it is obligatory with honey shade. Color of eyes from light with golden impregnations to dark brown and brown. To such girls lipstick of dark red, bright-red, crimson and purple-red shade will go. - Tsvetotip - at girls of this type of appearance is winter prevalence of cold shades. Their main difference is contrast. For example, dark hair, almost black, and light, as if porcelain pale skin. Also platinum blondes treat this type if they have swarty skin. The shade of skin can be olive with zheltinka. Eyes can be dark brown, dark blue, green, blue, black. Girls like winter can take lipstick of the brightest colors safely: purpurno pink, saturated red, dark-violet.
  2. Before putting lipstick on lips, they should be softened with the moisturizing balm. Bright lipstick draws attention, and skin has to be faultless. Therefore surely level tone of the person. Then trace contour of lips pencil of the same color as well as lipstick. Further we apply lipstick from the center of lips to corners, without going beyond contour. Take napkin and blot the first layer, then again put the finishing lipstick layer. So lipstick will fill lips with even and dense layer.
  3. If there is a wish to achieve opaque effect, then in end of lip it is necessary to powder a little. The opaque effect is relevant to more day and daily make-up. If, on the contrary, there is a wish to add brightness and contrast - apply a little transparent gloss on the acting part of lips. Thus they will also visually increase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team