How to apply bronzer for body

How to apply bronzer for body

The equal bronze tan decorates the person, does his body more attractive and more beautiful, but not everyone has opportunity to go at the sea – and besides, many girls have sensitive thin skin which easily burns down under bright sun. In this case it is possible to achieve beautiful effect of suntan by means of special bronzer which is safe for skin and keeps dark shade of suntan for some time. In order that artificial suntan looked beautifully, it is necessary to learn to apply bronzer to skin correctly.


1. Remember that the true solar suntan has golden opaque shade. It should not shine therefore buy opaque bronzer which has no shimmering and brilliant effect. Brilliant suntan will not look natural.

2. Select bronzer attentively, you watch that its texture corresponded to type of your skin. The correct selection of bronzer is also important as selection of blush, powder and foundation – it has to be combined with color and type of your skin that suntan looked naturally naturally. If you have dry skin, use bronzer in the form of lotion and if oily skin – to you helps bronzer in the form of gel.

3. Applying bronzer to skin, try to cover with identical uniform quantity of means not only part of body, but also the person. The face and neck should not contrast with other body, but at the same time they also should not be too dark.

4. Too deep tan at natural light skin will alienly look. For this reason try not to put too much funds for leather – bronzer should not create new shade, he only has to emphasize the main tone of your skin and create light effect of suntan.

5. Tops are worth be emphasized in addition with bronzer cheekbones and nose bridge. You apply bronzer with wide brush to distribute it more evenly, doing light touches to skin. Always you apply bronzer before doing make-up, differently the ready make-up covered with bronzer will look too hard.

6. Choose the correct tone of bronzer. Its shade has to be natural, matching the color of suntanned skin – so, avoid too orange, red, gold and brown shades. Select for the skin bronzer of suitable soft shade in which have to prevail pinkish and copper tone.

7. Before buying bronzer, apply it on hand and look whether it corresponds to your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team