How to apply burdock oil

How to apply burdock oil

oil is the most effective remedy for growth of hair, nails and eyelashes. Burdock oil is made of roots of big burdock, to be exact of burdock. It is possible to prepare oil in house conditions, but many efforts and time therefore it is better to buy it in drugstore will be required. Burdock oil contains large amount of vitamins, proteins and tannins. It is applied not only in pure form, but also is part of creams, masks and hair shampoos.

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  • - Burdock oil.


  1. At vitally weakened hair and loss, apply burdock oil to rubbing in in hair and head skin. Before use of oil, it is necessary to warm up it a little. Apply oil on the head and smooth movements rub in hair, beginning from roots and slowly moving to tips. After putting oil continue to mass the head within 15 minutes. After that put on the head hat from polyethylene and wrap up warm towel. You hold oil on the head within 1-2 hours, after that wash the head warm water. Duration of putting burdock oil – 2 months, 2 times a week. Burdock oil will strengthen roots of hair, will stop their loss and will accelerate growth of hair.
  2. It is recommended to apply burdock oil to restoration and strengthening of the weakened nails. For this purpose rub it in nail plate and cuticle not less than two times a day and apply to absolute recovery of nails. It is possible to use burdock oil, adding it to nail bath before manicure.
  3. Burdock oil is very useful not only for hair, but also for skin. Use oil before acceptance of shower or bathtub. For this purpose apply small amount of burdock oil to skin, pound body massage movements on body. Pay special attention to places, with rough and keratosic skin – foot of legs and elbows. Burdock oil is used as additive in bath preparations, it has the calming, cleaning and strengthening effect.
  4. Each woman dreams to have beautiful, dense and long eyelashes. With it you will be helped by burdock oil which needs to be applied by means of brush or cotton tampon on eyelashes. The first result will be visible already two weeks later. Eyelashes will become more dense and long, will begin to grow better. For the most convenient application it is possible to use old bottle from under ink. Carefully wash it and accurately pour inside burdock oil.

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