How to apply burdock oil on eyelashes

How to apply burdock oil on eyelashes

Burdock oil – available and inexpensive product for eyelash care. At regular application it will make them fluffy and strong. However it is necessary to handle oil accurately – at the wrong drawing it can cause hypostases and irritation of eyes.

It is required to you

  • - burdock oil;
  • - empty tube from under mascara;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - pipette or the disposable syringe without needle.


1. Buy bottle of burdock oil in drugstore. For strengthening of eyelashes and strengthening of their growth you put it daily, it is desirable before going to bed. The main problem in use – oil fat content. It is smeared on century, gets into eyes and spoils bed linen. That the nightly procedure did not cause efforts, learn to use this product correctly.

2. It is very convenient to apply oil with brush for eyelashes. Find empty tube from under ink, carefully wash up it warm water and dry up. In clean tube by means of the pipette or the disposable syringe without needle fill in burdock oil. Now packing can be taken in trips and without fears to store in make-up bag – from reliably screwed up tube liquid will not flow out.

3. Remove make-up from face and eyes, purify skin and put cream on face and under eyes. Processing of eyelashes has to become touch-up of evening leaving. You apply oil as usual ink, making smooth movements from root of eyelashes to their tips. Try that liquid has not got on eyelids and skin under eyes. Wait 30 minutes and blot eyes with soft napkin – then the remained oil will not be smeared on pillow.

4. If you have no suitable container, it is possible to do also without it. Try to apply oil on eyelashes with cotton pad. Moisten it, curtail cone and accurately process each eyelash. You watch that means has not got into eyes, it can irritate mucous. You should not apply oil on eyelashes in the morning – it will be impossible to apply ink on them, and the make-up will be smeared under eyes.

5. Do you have free time? Make nutritious mask for eyelashes. Mix on drop of burdock and castor oil with vitamin A solution in capsules. Add a little fresh juice of aloe. Stir mask glass stick on saucer. Dip finger-tips in mix and process eyelashes, capturing them shchepotyyu and applying oil on both sides. Such mask can be put and on eyebrow – it will strengthen them and will make hairs brilliant. In one or one and a half hours erase the means remains soft facecloth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team