How to apply castor oil to eyelashes

How to apply castor oil to eyelashes

There is mass of ways to increase the volume and length of eyelashes: ink, coloring in beauty shops, wave nippers, building, implantation of artificial cilia, professional make-up. But how to make eyelashes long and healthy, without spending a lot of money?

Before taking extreme measures, it is necessary to understand that supportive applications in cosmetology not only demand frequent monetary investments, but also quite often provoke allergic and collateral reactions. Dreaming of smart, deep look, and using chemical additives for achievement of the purpose, you risk to lose what you have. The effect acquired in beauty shops often vanishes later few months, and you with disappointment find out that your eyelashes are far from ideal. In this case the speech about beauty does not go any more – to save what remained. Why unnecessary risks when there is safer and effective way to improve appearance?

Castor oil

Once, castor oil was used as soft aperient means. Now, it gains popularity and often occurs in national cosmetic recipes. Dense, light yellow color liquid not only restores, extends and gives the necessary volume to eyelashes, but also strengthens hair, nails, removes the coarsened leather on feet. By means of castor oil it is possible to cure cold, to remove reddening from eyes and even to remove barley.

Are part of oil:

  • Palmitic acid;
  • Stearic acid;
  • Linolic acid;
  • Oleic acid;
  • Ritsinoleinovy acid.

Before using castor oil, be convinced that you have no individual intolerance to components, and sites of skin around have century no inflamed or purulent rashes.

As it is correct to use

For convenience pour oil in convenient capacity or buy jar with wide neck. Prepare Q-tips, and it is better clean brush from old ink. You should not think that eyelashes will be extended and will get volume after two procedures – to achieve result, at least three weeks will be required. It is better to store castor oil at the room temperature in the dark place. Never leave brush banks inside. It is not necessary to apply means on eyelashes "will not dig yet" too.

Dip surplus napkin. For the first time it is enough to take mix on eyelashes within 5 minutes. Before use do not forget to check reaction to allergy: apply several drops on bend of elbow and wait. It is wrong to make up eyelashes in the habitual way. It is necessary to carry out by brush from the middle and message to the tips. If to begin with the basis, oil will get into eyes, and because of the formed transparent plenochka you will not be able to see. It is not necessary to dilute oil with water. If to add supportive natural applications to it, the effect will double. The best time for the procedure – evening.

And so what will be required for giving of volume to eyelashes?

Add 15 g of vaseline and couple of drops of the Peruvian balm to 5 g of castor oil. It is possible to do without balm.

For rapid growth, add vitamin A to oil and E. Vitamins are on sale in ampoules, it is possible to buy in drugstore.

That cilia did not drop out, add to two dessertspoons of oil on half teaspoon of juice of aloe and parsley.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team