How to apply compact powder

How to apply compact powder

Compact powder - the universal remedy allowing to correct quickly make-up, to remove greasy luster and to refresh skin. Besides, it can skulpturirovat the person, give it healthy shade of suntan or noble porcelain pallor. Powder with success will replace foundation, the proofreader, is ruddy. It is only important to pick up the correct tools for its drawing and to learn to use them.

It is required to you

  • - big fluffy brush;
  • - set of latex sponges;
  • - napkins for elimination of gloss;
  • - velvet sponge.


  1. To use all opportunities of compact powder, get various its drawing accessories. The small sponge enclosed in packing can be insufficiently. You need fluffy big brush, dense small brush from synthetic pile, set of latex sponges, flat velvet sponge.
  2. To refresh make-up and to remove gloss, use fluffy brush from natural or synthetic pile. Previously remove surplus of skin fat by means of the special absorbing napkins - they accurately eliminate gloss, without spoiling make-up. Blot problem zones with napkins, changing them until on paper remains fat traces. Make several movements brush in powder box and wide dabs put means on face. Do not rub powder - it has to lay down easy translucent veil.
  3. If you need more dense covering, use latex sponges. Many compact powders can be applied in the damp way. Moisten sponge and well wring out it. Gather powder and impose it on skin as foundation. Pound it that means merged with skin shade. For cheeks and forehead the flat sponge, and will be suitable for remote areas at nose wings, under eyes and about chin use latex pieces with sharp corners. Having finished, set result, having put on face thin layer of dry powder by means of fluffy brush.
  4. Dark compact powder will replace the whole cosmetic set. Wide dabs of soft brush put it on face, neck and decollete - and you gain effect of beautiful southern suntan. The flat brush from dense synthetic fibers gives more dense covering. It it is possible to darken area under cheekbones and at temples, visually narrowing face and doing it to more relief. That the make-up looked more natural, over dark powder apply thin film translucent, and later polish face, having brushed away it with velvet sponge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team