How to apply cream around eyes

How to apply cream around eyes

According to cosmetologists the eye area first of all gives age of the woman. And if it is wrong to look after her, then at all will throw several years. The problem of many girls is that they do not know how to use cream for century.


1. There are several types of creams for century. It is daily possible to use moistening, and in the winter – nutritious means. And here the bleaching and tightening products are applied by course. First, skin gets used to them. Secondly, they contain active components which are not necessary every day to epidermis.

2. It is impossible to use usual face cream for century. Neither the structure, nor structure of this means are adapted for gentle skin in this zone.

3. Always to have fresh appearance, it is necessary to know precisely how to apply cream around eyes. At first it is necessary to wash face with use of skin or gel. Then to wipe skin with tonic (lotion) and, so far it has not dried, to apply cream.

4. Means for century at first is squeezed out on clean fingertip and slightly pounded that it was warmed to body temperature. Then cream is distributed by the patting movements on the level of malar stone from external corner of eye to internal. The remains funds can be distributed under eyebrow. But at all not to apply product on mobile eyelid.

5. It is not necessary to rub cream directly under eyes. Area of lower eyelid rather mobile. In the course of blinking the product will get there where it is necessary.

6. Exactly driving in, but not pounding means, it is possible to achieve the maximum effect. Such technology of drawing activates blood circulation, without injuring vulnerable eyelid skin.

7. It should be taken into account that means is absorbed by dry skin 50% worse, than damp. Therefore the procedure needs to be carried out at once after washing.

8. For use of morning and evening creams there are certain rules. Applying product on eyelids in the morning, it is necessary to wait for at least 40 minutes before exit to the street.

9. It does not make sense to leave means on skin till the morning. Especially as it is fraught with hypostases. Cream is absorbed within hour, and then begins to be acquired. So after this time it is necessary to remove the means remains with special napkin from rice paper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team