How to apply cream on eyelids

How to apply cream on eyelids

Eyelids reflex smykaniye protect eyes from influence of external factors and from other unforeseen circumstances. The eyelid skin rather thin is also subject to fast stretching and drying as it is deprived of the hypodermic fat cellulose capable to hold moisture. Therefore eyelid skin care has to be careful and the main thing correct.


1. The eyelid skin very often remains deprived when drawing face packs (except fruit), but, nevertheless, it needs additional food as long as possible to keep skin youth. Are for this purpose applied special cream "for century" with molecules of the smaller size to their best absorption by especially thin eyelid skin.

2. At the correct way of putting cream the eyelids will keep the structure of skin more long time. Before putting any cream leather has to be purified from dust and products of activity grease and sweat glands.

3. Much better to put cream on eyelids, so far skin damp, but not wet. In the area of upper and lower century cream is applied with pointed movements by means of middle fingers of the size of quarter of match head. Further, small pillows of 2-3-4 fingers the easy driving-in movements cream spreads on all surface of century from external corner of eye to internal, coming back to external.

4. External corners of eyes it is necessary to tap more intensively as this place of the most frequent formation of wrinkles ("rays", "chanterelles" and so forth).

5. At the end of the procedure, the fingers pressed to each other it is necessary to press eyelids, kind of pressing down cream to skin, every time, sharply taking away them from the face. Such peculiar impact on eyelid skin strengthens in it blood circulation and promotes the increased absorption of components of cream.

6. Residues of cream need to be got wet with tissue. At driving in of cream it is impossible to stretch or smear it not to provoke fast stretching of skin.

7. Depending on need (condition of skin) it is possible to apply cream on eyelids as in evening, and in the morning. Also you should not forget that negligent putting the best cream, can bring opposite effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team