How to apply foundation

How to apply foundation

Correctly picked up and applied foundation will help to create illusion of ideally equal and shining health skin. Besides this means will successfully hide minor defects and will help make-up to keep most long. For causing tone it is possible to use brush, sponge or even own fingers - at every way are shortcomings and advantages.

It is required to you

  • - sponge, brush;
  • - base under make-up;
  • - the moistening fluid;
  • - concealer;
  • - powder.


  1. Choose suitable shade of foundation. Makeup artists consider that preference should be given to tone which merges with color of your skin. Apply several dabs on the lower part of cheek. If cream looks yellow, it too dark for you. Means with gray shade, on the contrary, will be excessively light.
  2. The way of drawing depends on texture of means. It is more convenient to cause liquid tone with latex sponge. Such type of covering gives effect of ideally equal skin. However the sponge absorbs a lot of cream and means comes to an end quicker. Liquid foundation with texture of mousse is perfectly distributed by dense synthetic brush. This way is good for problem skin - the brush applies cream with the dense, but thin and uniform layer which is perfectly hiding shortcomings. However it is necessary to work with it accurately and attentively - at bad shading on face strips can be noticeable. Classical creams and pastes can be distributed finger-tips is the fastest and economic way.
  3. Uneven and too dry skin needs to be prepared. Wipe it with the moisturizing tonic, and then put the easy leveling fluid. If you want to achieve effect of ideally smooth face, use special base on the basis of silicones - it will fill time and will hide small wrinkles.
  4. It is necessary to put tone means at bright natural light, in front of convenient mirror. Squeeze out a little foundation on the hand back. Begin drawing with area around nose. Process wings, nostrils, nose bridge, then along cheekbones move to temples. You can put liquid foundation on all face or only on the T-zone. Carefully shade means that it did not lay down strips and spots.
  5. Zatonirovav the central part of the face, apply cream on forehead and chin. Sponge or brush walk in the area of jaw, carefully pounding border of causing tone. Remove basis from roots of hair and eyebrows.
  6. If you want to hide heat-spots and other defects, do not cover them with tone. Use dense concealer of neutral beige color. Accurately drive in it with finger-tips or dense brush. Set result by friable translucent powder. The liquid foundation imposed thus will hold on all day and will not demand correction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team