How to apply foundation

How to apply foundation

Foundation for make-up – as the base for the building. It has to be imperceptible and reliable. Therefore it is not enough to buy expensive and effective tone remedy in cosmetic shop. It is necessary to be able to impose it correctly.

It is required to you

  • - tone means;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - proofreader or concealer;
  • - friable powder;
  • - thermal water in spray.


  1. Pick up the correct shade of foundation. Do not buy tone means in the evening at electric lighting. Make the choice only at daylight. To be convinced that the chosen shade is ideal for you, put a little on face in chin, go outside and look in mirror. If cream looks naturally at daylight, he will look good at any lighting.
  2. Prepare skin before putting cream. Even if oily skin, surely put portion of the moisturizing cream and wait several minutes. After that it is possible to impose tone. Then he will lay down more exactly.
  3. You do not put too much tone means. For day make-up there are enough four drops: on forehead, on cheekbones and on chin.
  4. Shade tone means easy pats from the center of the person to edges. Thanks to it the line where foundation reaches a limit, will not be evident.
  5. You put liquid and creamy tone means with clean fingertips. Heat of your hands will make structure of cream more plastic and pliable. The make-up will lie more exactly. It is accepted to apply with damp sponge only dense cream powder.
  6. Than more liquid texture tone means, especially easy and transparent will have your make-up. If on skin there are serious shortcomings, do not try to disguise them thick layer of cream. The make-up in this case will look unnaturally. Buy special concealer of greenish color better and cover with it small reddenings or heat-spots before causing tone. Green color visually neutralizes reddening, and your skin will look exactly.
  7. Do not try to disguise tone means small wrinkles. In roughnesses of skin cream will very quickly roll up, and wrinkles will become even more noticeable.
  8. After drawing set tone by powder. Powder the fattest zones: forehead, nose and chin. It is better to use friable powder, it easier and does not deprive skin of natural shine. Do not forget, powder has to correspond on color to tone means or to be one tone lighter. Do not use dark powder on light tone at all: the face will look dirty and stale.
  9. Periodically sprinkle the person water. To you it will be comfortable, and the tone will look naturally. Use thermal water in spray, smaller droplets will not spoil your make-up. Such water is produced by many cosmetic companies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team