How to apply gel varnish

How to apply gel varnish

Gel varnish is fine alternative to traditional varnish covering. On nails it keeps up to 20 days. The procedure of putting gel-varnish will not take more than 40 minutes, and nails will look just perfectly.

It is required to you

  • - UF-device;
  • - bonder-gel;
  • - the strengthening transparent gel;
  • - gel varnish;
  • - the transparent ultrafixing gel;
  • - means of "Klianser Plus";
  • - sponge.


1. For a start apply a little bonder-gel on nails therefore they will get opaque shade. You remember if you put bonder-gel too much, the surface will look brilliant or damp, and it will lead to flaking of gel varnish.

2. For polymerization of covering of bonder-gel place hand for 1 minute in the UF-device. Do not delete dispersive sticky layer at all from nail which will appear after this procedure. From above apply with thin layer the strengthening transparent gel and again polymerize it within 30 seconds.

3. By means of special brush for putting gel varnish cover nails over sticky dispersive layer with thin layer of gel-varnish. Accurately you apply varnish in the field of cuticle. Place hand for 3 minutes in the UF-device.

4. From above cover nails with the transparent ultrafixing gel. If on cuticle or near-nail skin gel gets, it will promote further flaking of covering from nail. Therefore in these parts accurately delete surplus of gel with plastic pusher.

5. For polymerization place hand for 1 minute in the UF-device. At this stage remove dispersive layer. For this purpose moisten foam sponge in means of "Klianser Plus". Further slightly blot nail with the sponge and movements directed to themselves remove sticky dispersive layer from surface of nail plate. After that the covering has to take smooth, equal and brilliant form.

6. You can replace the ultrafixing gel with medicine under the name "The Strengthened Fixer". Application of this means does not demand use of the UF-device and removal of dispersive layer that considerably facilitates time and reduces work on putting gel varnish.

7. Carefully wash up and dry wipe hands. Cover nails with special oil and the accurate massaging movements rub it in near-nail surface and cuticle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team