How to apply jojoba oil

How to apply jojoba oil

most valuable in cosmetology is Simmondsia chinensis oil (jojoba oil). And valuable not in respect of cost, and in respect of curative properties. In fact, this substance – liquid wax which composition is similar to composition of skin fat. Substance long is not oxidized, forms the thin film protecting skin from harmful external factors when drawing. Jojoba oil is component of elite cosmetic creams and in itself can be used as excellent skin care product. There are several ways of its application.


  1. Face care and telomispolzuyta jojoba oil for moistening and nutrition of face skin, neck, body. After washing/shower you apply pure oil or enrich with it the face creams, body lotions. Besides, it is possible to make oil mix and to use it the same as the most usual cream. On 10 milliliters of jojoba oil take 2-3 drops of the essential oils suitable you as skin mix and apply to skin. The effect will exceed all your expectations.
  2. Skin care to rukprimenyayta oil for manicuring. Skin of hands is always dehydrated. She grows old face skin much earlier, and therefore requires the most intensive care. Jojoba oil solves dehydration problem, nourishes and softens skin of hands.
  3. MassazhIspolzuet oil as basis for massage mixes or independent means for massage. Massage of back, face, hands and legs will become surprisingly pleasant and the most effective if as massage you apply jojoba oil with addition of the essential oils loved by you.
  4. Removal makiyazhayezhednevno delete make-up with the help jojoba. For this purpose apply a little oil on cotton tampon and erase tone means, shadows, lipstick and ink. Remove residues of oil with one more cotton pad. Such sparing removal of make-up not only will carefully purify all cosmetics from your face, but also will leave skin softened and humidified.
  5. Lip care Use jojoba oil as lip balm. At regular application even the driest and inclined skin of this sensitive part of the face to cracking literally will change, having become soft, gentle and elastic.
  6. Leaving for volosamidobavlyayta of 5-10 drops of oil on portion of shampoo or the conditioner at each washing of the head. Your hair will be smooth, elastic and healthy.
  7. Skin care around to glazsmazyvayta daily jojoba oil sensitive eyelid skin. You will notice how it gradually brightens, becomes elastic and smooth.

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