How to apply lip balm

How to apply lip balm

Use of special balm helps to prevent emergence of cracks on gentle skin of lips. To achieve the maximum effect of its application, it is necessary to apply it on lips correctly.

Daily use of balm for lips

Lip balm is cosmetic product which is necessary for each woman. Its use helps to eliminate dryness, peeling, emergence of cracks.

In order that use of balm was the most effective, it is necessary to select it correctly. In summertime of year it is necessary to use product with sun-protection factor. Fat nutritious balm will be ideal for winter cold weather. If in corners of lips cracks are often formed, it is necessary to give preference to cosmetic with vitamins and nutritious oils.

Before putting balm it is necessary to clean lips carefully. If on them residues of lipstick have remained, it is necessary to remove them with the napkin moistened in the special means intended for removal of cosmetics. If the surface of lips uneven, on them there are peelings, it is possible to process it special srub. On sale there are cosmetic products which are intended for peeling of gentle skin of lips. Some of them are let out in the form of lipstick. In the absence of special srub it is possible to apply on lips of a little candied honey and to massage gentle skin by means of toothbrush. It will help to prepare lips for putting balm, having smoothed their surface. Balm needs to put with the patting movements, slightly driving in it into skin with forefinger. If he is let out in the form of lipstick, it is possible to put means directly from tube. Balm needs to be used several times a day. The protective cosmetic product needs to be applied on lips in 15 minutes prior to exit from the house. Nutritious means can be applied during the day or for the night.

How to increase efficiency of use of balm

To enhance effect of use of balm for lips, it is possible to add to it solution of vitamins. For this purpose perfectly capsules with vitamins A and E which can be bought in drugstore will approach. With balm it is enough to add of everything to small jar on several drops of vitamins. It is possible to apply balm on lips with thick layer, using it as mask. It is the best of all to do it for the night. Skin needs to be cleaned previously, and then to apply on it balm with thick layer for 15-20 minutes then to remove its surplus with tissue. Such method of application will be suitable for very dry, cracked skin.

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