How to apply mesoroller to the person in house conditions

How to apply mesoroller to the person in house conditions

The mesotherapy is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetology. However it is possible to carry out it not only in specialized beauty shop, having resorted to services of the professional, but also in house conditions. The device resembling cylinder with needles superficially — mesoroller by means of which delivery of useful substances to deep skin layers is carried out is for this purpose used.


1. The house procedure of mesotherapy should be carried out regularly, several times a week. Only in this case it is possible to receive qualitative and resistant result. The house mesoroller has to have needles 0.2 — 0.5 mm long. It excludes risk of serious traumatizing skin. The device with bigger length of needles is used by professional cosmetologists, it is not suitable for independent application.

2. Before application it is necessary to disinfect mesoroller any antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other).

3. From face skin special means, except for srubs and peelings, to remove make-up. At hypersensibility it is possible in 2 hours prior to the procedure to put means with anesthetic effect.

4. Further the face needs to be processed any disinfecting structure. After that means for mesotherapy is put. It is necessary to consider that usual in this case negative consequences approach and cannot cause cream. Specialized means for mesotherapy are used, sometimes they are on sale complete with mesoroller. But it is possible to get them separately.

5. Then facial massage is performed by the device. Skin should be divided into several sites (forehead, cheekbones, nose, temples and other), each of which is processed about 5 times 1 — 1.5 minutes. Actions by mesoroller are carried out diversely: down, here and there, obliquely. They have to be soft, without excessive pressure.

6. Usually the procedure takes about 10 minutes. After its end it is possible to put means for mesotherapy again. In 15 minutes it is allowed to use the calming cream if skin is excessively angry.

7. After house mesotherapy some time remains hyperemia and puffiness of integuments. It is normal reaction which will take place in a couple of hours.

8. After completion of the procedure the mesoroller needs to be disinfected. At exit to the street the face skin should be processed surely sun-protection means.

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