How to apply mousse on hair

How to apply mousse on hair

Styling mousse does them more pliable and obedient when laying, adds to locks healthy gloss and elasticity, and hairstyle – volume. By means of correctly picked up foam it is possible to create abrupt curls or to create "artistic mess" on the head. Everything depends on how you will apply this universal remedy and what extent of fixing choose.


  1. Wash up the head and carefully wipe hair towel, having removed from them excess of moisture. Choose suitable means. For fine hair the foam of weak or moderate fixing giving easy volume is necessary. To raise heavy and volume locks, mousse of strong fixing is required.
  2. Stir up barrel – it is so necessary to arrive before each use. Squeeze out mousse on palm. The portion of means depends on length of hair. For ultrashort hairstyle the ball of the size of quail egg suffices, long hair require portion of the size of tennis ball. In case of doubts reduce quantity of means – in need of it it is always possible to add, and the surplus of mousse will make hair too heavy and will deprive of them gloss.
  3. Apply foam on roots of hair, carefully rub it and distribute on all length. For bigger convenience use hairbrush with rare teeths. Dry up locks the hair dryer or the hair styler, raising them for creation of volume. Such laying gives to hairstyle splendor and looks very naturally. It can be done before exit or the day before, before going to bed.
  4. If you need elastic curls, arrive differently. Carefully comb slightly moist hair, apply on them mousse, distributing it on all length. Divide hair into locks and wind them on hair curlers. Dry up curls before full drying, remove hair curlers and spray varnish of weak fixing on hairstyle. After that shake up locks fingers, without using hairbrush that curls have not developed.
  5. The effect of the thought-over disorder on the head can be created when laying dry hair. It is the fastest way which is not demanding the subsequent drying phenom. If locks too are fluffy, slightly sprinkle them the spray removing surplus of static electricity. Squeeze out on palm sphere from mousse of the size of orange and intensively rub it in hair, raising them and fixing fingers. Wavy locks will settle in the form of negligent curls. Record hairstyle varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team