How to apply nail powder

How to apply nail powder

Nail powder – modern, effective remedy by means of which it is possible to increase long and beautiful nails quickly. Advantage of its application is in what this way occupies much less time, than traditional techniques of building with use of gel or acrylic. However in order that nails have turned out beautiful and accurate, it is necessary to know some subtleties of treatment of this material.

It is required to you

  • - special glue for tips;
  • - activator;
  • - tipsa;
  • - abrasive files of different fraction;
  • - disinfectant;
  • - wooden stick for cuticle;
  • - nail powder.


1. Prepare nails under tipsa. For this purpose it is necessary to saw round them on all surface abrasive file before disappearance of gloss. In order to avoid infection process nails disinfectant. Their edges should be cut in form of tips, and – accurately to remove cuticle wooden stick.

2. Paste tipsa slowly and accurately, densely pressing and gradually advancing from free edge of nails to their basis, – otherwise under them air bubbles are formed, and they on nails will not last long. If desired cut edges of tips, having given them the necessary form.

3. Apply special glue on nail then dip it into jar with powder. Repeat this operation several times, before achievement of desirable thickness and density of nail. Some experts recommend not to dip nail into powder, and to carefully powder with it its surface, – so it turns out accurater. Powder completely stiffens in 35-40 seconds.

4. Apply the special activator on the surface of nails, – it will make them smooth and will fix powder layers. Correct their form, having cut superfluous. After that safely start ornament or painting of nails, – they have already developed sufficient strength.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team