How to apply night cream

How to apply night cream

Cosmetics is capable to work wonders with skin, to give it younger and fresh look. However it is not enough to choose the correct means for the particular person, it is important to be able to put it by rules and in strictly certain time, differently it is possible to get hypostases next morning.


1. Technology of putting night cream does not suffer tests and mistakes. It has to be observed from the very beginning, otherwise it is possible to be disappointed even in the most effective remedy for the person. It is important to choose correctly for this purpose time of day.

2. The latest is 22 hours, by this time skin has to pass into phase of rest and already absorb all useful substances which are contained in cream.

3. Clean face with use of skin or gel. Wait 15 minutes that skin has dried. Dry skin better perceives cosmetics, besides mixture of cream with water on face can lead to violation of normal thermal control.

4. The basic rule which has to be observed when putting any cream – at first apply it on fingers of hands to bring to body temperature, and only then on the person. This simple reception provides the best absorbency of active agents, besides the sharp contrast between temperature of body and cream can provoke easy rash.

5. You apply cream on massage lines with easy movements, without stretching skin. If furiously to rub means in skin, it is possible to get premature wrinkles. At first apply small amount of cream on the middle of forehead, then carefully distribute in the parties fingertips to temporal zones.

6. Apply means on zones under eyes, but not on lower eyelids which are better for "indulging" with special means for skin around eyes. Distribute cream in the direction from temples to nose wings, then vertically on nose.

7. Apply the third portion of cream on zone of chin and easily pound the smooth movements of fingers of both hands towards cheekbones. Run fingers over zones of folds on both sides of nose that means has dispersed evenly.

8. If cream is applied on neck, then it is better to make it in the direction from below up to avoid emergence of folds. Strongly do not rub as skin on neck thin and gentle. Better do it not internal, but the back of palms.

9. You apply night cream for century in two stages: at first on upper eyelid from internal corner of eye to external, then on lower eyelid from external corner to internal. Movements have to be lungs as touches of plumelet, carry out them pointwise, gentle pat, kind of driving in cream with fingertips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team