How to apply oil on hair

How to apply oil on hair

masks well nourish head skin. Strengthen growth of hair and strengthen hair bulbs. Before preparation of mask think what additives will be self-made part. For example, juice of aloe helps at hair loss, and tincture of calendula is added for disposal of dandruff.

It is required to you

  • - burdock or castor oil
  • - vitamin A in oil
  • - honey
  • - aloe juice
  • - wide brush
  • - plastic package or hat
  • - terry towel
  • - egg
  • - vinegar
  • - shampoo


  1. Make mask on one of recipes. Warm up burdock oil on water bath to warm state. Pierce needle several gelatin capsules with vitamin A, squeeze out them in warm oil. Stir. Kindle honey spoon on water bath, add spoon of castor oil to honey. Mix has to be warm. Remove it from fire, pour in spoon of juice of aloe and several drops of vitamin A. Well mix.
  2. Get up in front of the mirror. Dip wide brush for coloring of hair into oil mask and you apply mix on roots of hair, carefully, on all surface of the head. Smear the remains of mask on hair. Massage head skin that the mask was better absorbed. Put on package the plastic head, and from above roll up the head terry towel. You hold oil mask on hair so much how many you will be allowed by your time.
  3. Take egg. Separate protein from yolk. While you go with oil mask, protein can be mixed with several drops of lemon juice and to make the tightening mask on the person. Mix yolk in pan with shampoo. This mix oil perfectly is removed from hair. Upon termination of the procedure with oil mask, smear yolk mix on hair, shake up it fingers and wash away warm water. The yolk cannot be washed away hot water, otherwise it will be curtailed, and hair will be heavy to be washed. The second time wash hair just with shampoo.
  4. Rinse hair with warm water with addition of vinegar. Do oil masks some – two times a week and in month you will see effect of such procedures.

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