How to apply pattern on nails

How to apply pattern on nails

Professional nail care costs much. Today design manicure with unusual registration of nails is popular. Beauty shops can offer you patterns, drawings and ornaments, incrustation by rhinestones and other decorative elements. But it is possible to make such original manicure also at home.


1. To start manicure, prepare tools and two brushes: wide you will paint nails entirely, and thin – to trace pattern. Besides, prepare pin, needle or thin toothpick. They will be useful for drawing very thin strokes and lines.

2. Pick up nail varnishes of the necessary shades. You need background color and tone for drawing patterns. For the drawing it is possible to use several flowers.

3. Take means for removal of varnish and Q-tips. Them you will remove varnish, spangles, beads which will get on skin. That the working area has been well lit, include desk lamp.

4. Make basis for manicure. For this purpose at first put nails and skin of hands in order. Apply background varnish by means of wide flat brush. Wait until the main layer a little dries up. For drawing pattern choose other color of varnish.

5. Serially you apply with thin brush outlines of the drawing in which you have stopped on each nail. Detail it: make some lines slightly more thickly, add other colors. Paste spangles and rhinestones on nails until when varnish finally dries.

6. After full drying of varnish cover nails with uniform and thin layer of the transparent protectant. During drawing patterns do lines by the thinnest and add interesting effects. For this purpose stretch varnish edge of toothpick or needle.

7. Borrow patterns from ready works. The mass of options of such manicure can be found in the Internet. Or look for the interesting idea in depths of the imagination.

8. Make the drawing "Branch". Apply white varnish on nails and before it dries, drip several drops of green color. Right after it carry out by needle on these drops, extending branches.

9. For creation of the drawing "Eight" apply any varnish on nail. Draw small points by means of small needle. They have to bend around nail. These points can be both monophonic, and multi-colored. Circular motions of needle connect points among themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team