How to apply perfume

How to apply perfume

Today almost all women use perfume. However not everyone is able to apply it so that there was aroma, but not suffocating smell. But such unpleasant effect can be avoided if the nobility as it is correct to use perfume.


  1. For a start sort out in what difference between spirits and toilet water. Spirits – the most concentrated substance, the maintenance of composition about 30 percent; further parfum de toilettes with concentration of extract about 20 percent follow; the least concentrated and resistant – toilet water where about 10 percent of perfumery composition contain. Proceeding from these reasons, it is dosed use perfume and do not go to far in smells.
  2. First of all, remember that it is never necessary to apply perfume on clothes. Fabrics from artificial fibers can change sounding of aroma, and perfume can leave not removed spots on clothes.
  3. Before causing aroma take shower, then notes will purely sound.
  4. It is considered that hair well hold smell provided that they are washed purely up.
  5. Traditionally perfume is applied behind ears. Try to add aroma and to other points, for example, on bends of elbows, under knees, on wrists and neck.
  6. Try to spray on the advice of Estee Lauder spirits in air and to enter bared cloud. So the aroma will evenly be distributed on your skin and hair.
  7. If you use toilet water, then refresh it each 4 hours. Spirits of repeated drawing usually do not demand, but in the evening you can add 1-2 drops.
  8. To enhance firmness of aroma, buy in shop lotion or body cream with smell of your favourite spirits and use them before causing actually aroma.
  9. It is considered also that the aroma keeps longer on well moisturized skin therefore use the moisturizing creams and body lotions, but choose that are deprived of smell. Never mix aromas!
  10. If in the course of drawing you have understood that you were overzealous with putting perfumery, then take shower. If there is no such opportunity, then be rubbed off by damp towel.
  11. Remember that rules of good form dictate that the aroma has to be easy unostentatious loop, but not suffocating cloud. Experts in etiquette are sure that only those who approach you closer, than on distance of outstretched arm have to catch your smell. Those who are further should not feel smell of your spirits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team