How to apply resistant paint on hair

How to apply resistant paint on hair

Resistant hair-dyes are capable to paint over gray hair, to clarify dark hair and to completely change image of the woman. Following simple recommendations, it is possible to dye hair independently in house conditions, without resorting to the help of professionals.

Resistant hair-dye contains two components in structure: alkali which opens hair scales, and the oxidizer reacting with color pigment. In interaction of these components the big painting molecules which are difficult for washing up from hair are formed. The looking after components close scales back, and you receive shiny dyed hair.

Choosing color of paint, do not wait that the shade of your hair in accuracy will repeat photo on packing. Get acquainted with palette of shades on reverse side of box.

Paints happen different textures. Cream-paint needs to be applied with brush on dry hair. Paint in the form of gel is applied with brush on moist hair. And paint-mousse is used as shampoo, distributing hands on all head.

It is impossible to dye hair resistant paint if before hair were painted by henna. The turned-out color can be unpredictable, up to green shades. Also coloring over the made chemical wave is not recommended.

Resistant black paint will not paint over any light. Cardinally to change hair color, it is necessary to use remover. This special means which washes away color pigment.

It is not necessary to save on hair-dye as cheap paint can unevenly lay down or cause allergy. The best option is to buy professional paint in beauty shop or hairdressing salon.

Before coloring it is necessary to mix all ingredients, according to the instruction on paint package. It is better to use plastic or glass capacity. Carry out the test for allergy, having applied a little paint on elbow bend.

Coloring should be carried out on dirty hair, having greased head skin at the line of hair with fat cream. Put on gloves which usually are available in set.

Special brush or brush begin to dye hair from occipital part, applying paint on roots of hair. Paint over roots and the middle of the remained hair and wait for minutes ten. Then walk brush on tips of hair. This period of time is necessary in order that color has turned out uniform, roots require more time to absorb color.

Do not roll up hair and do not exceed the put time of coloring which is specified in the instruction. You can burn hair, having achieved dry and fragile curls.

For fixing of result it is necessary to apply balm which goes in set, or to use any available colored hair conditioner.

As roots of hair grow quicker, than paint is washed away, from time to time it is necessary to tint the grown roots.

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