How to apply rhinestones on nails

Manicure is the business card of the woman. Therefore hands have to be well-groomed and beautiful. There are many options of registration of nails, but the increasing popularity their ornament with the help gathers rhinestone. It is possible to make such manicure and independently.

It is required to you

  • - rhinestones;
  • - glue for rhinestones;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - thin tweezers;
  • - brush for neyl-art.


1. Prepare nails. Do careful cleaning, give to nails the desirable form and grind them. If your manicure has been damaged, and nails exfoliate, carry out procedures for their strengthening.

2. Before doing design of nails with use rhinestone, think over the drawing or composition of registration. Pick up varnish shade. For bigger showiness combine ornament rhinestones with the drawing on nails executed by brush.

3. The prepared nails varnish right color. Then toothpick or needle transfer ornament to nail plate. Do it as soon as possible that varnish has not managed to dry and rhinestones were well pasted. You watch that varnish was not smeared.

4. It is possible to glue rhinestones and by means of special glue, so ornament will longer keep. Using the thin brush intended for neyl-art leave small droplets of glue on nail plate. You put dotted line from the gluing means through the expected drawing. Carry out everything accurately that glue has not spread. About one ornament is the share of each droplet.

5. By means of thin tweezers place rhinestones on glue droplets. If it is more habitual to you to use toothpick, do not forget to moisten its tip in water. For capture of rhinestone press the end of toothpick to ornament and you transfer to nail.

6. Press rhinestones to nail and wait a little – varnish has to dry up. Then cover the decorated nail with colourless means or special fixer. Again wait for drying.

7. To make fashionable option of the French manicure, apply rhinestones of golden, silver or transparent color on tips of nails. Use needle or toothpick for drawing and you watch that rhinestones were the identical size, stack them on "the line of smile".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team