How to apply spangles on gel

How to apply spangles on gel

Some women who watch the appearance and condition of hands do manicure not in salons, and at home. Quite fashionable ornament for nails are spangles. Them on gel some meet when drawing small difficulties when they are distributed unevenly and gather in lumps. It can be avoided if it is correct to do such manicure.


1. There are several ways of creation of manicure with use of spangles. First, it is possible to mix spangles with small amount of gel before drawing. Process nails and prepare them for creation of manicure. Apply on all five fingers of the left hand small amount bonder of gel. After processing the nail has to seem opaque if it shines or it seems wet – remove surplus bonder of gel by means of sponge.

2. Wait until gel dries, and do not remove sticky layer after that. Then apply transparent gel with thin layer on all surface of nail platinum of each finger. Try that means did not get on near-nail skin and cuticle, otherwise varnish will peel off. After drying of gel do not remove sticky layer.

3. Mix small amount of gel with spangles and thin layer distribute it on the surface of nail. After drying remove sticky layer by means of sponge.

4. Some experts recommend to do make-up with spangles in other ways. For a start apply on nails basic layer, and after its drying – modeling. After it dries, cause small amount of transparent gel and spangles. Remove surplus, dry up nails and file nails. Put from above the layer of luster and your manicure is ready.

5. To reduce expense of spangles, it is possible to get for them special separate brush which will prevent hit of spangles in gel after their use and will save you from need constantly to clean brush.

6. Some experts recommend to strew nail with spangles from above, but not to apply them on gel and not to mix with it previously. For this purpose take the ordinary applicator for drawing shadows, brush, or the plastic tubule for cocktail which is cut off at an angle gain small amount of spangles and strew with them nail with the gel applied on it. Using such method, it is very easy to control quantity of spangles and the field of their drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team