How to apply spangles on nail

How to apply spangles on nail

Well-groomed nails – the main component of beautiful handles. And with taste the issued, accurate manicure is also fashionable ornament. By means of spangles it is possible to give to fingers refinement, exoticism and festive look.


1. Evenly to apply spangles on nails, certain skill will be required. If you are not ready to experiments, just get nail varnish with spangles in the ready mixed look and cover with it nails. It is possible and to add independently dry sparkling grains of sand to transparent varnish, it is good to mix - and the shining covering is ready.

2. However professionals do patterns by spangles on nails by means of special nail gel. Prepare nails, having cut off cuticle and having given them the necessary form before creation of manicure. Apply on all nails with thin layer bonder-gel (acid-free gel-primer for strengthening and modeling of nails). After processing the surface will become slightly opaque. If there were damp smudges, remove surplus of gel with sponge. Wait for full drying of basis.

3. Without deleting sticky layer, apply now transparent gel on all surface of nail plates. Do covering accurately: if means gets on cuticle, varnish will peel off.

4. Cover nails with spangles in the way, convenient for you: or mix them with gel before drawing, or strew with them on nail plate before drying of layer of gel. For obsypaniye method spangles use the ordinary applicator for shadows, thin brush or the pointed tubule for cocktail. To remove superfluous, just stir up hands. Anyway after drying of basis with spangles it is necessary to cover nail plate with layer of glossy varnish for fixing of result. Manicure is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team