How to apply the extending ink

How to apply the extending ink

The extending ink can be usual and waterproof, classical black and color. All these options are united by one - the formula helping to increase significantly length of eyelashes. That the product has shown all the qualities, learn to apply ink correctly. Having mastered this simple science, you will be able to change the eyes in only several minutes.


  1. Choose suitable ink. You can prefer magnificent volume brush with set of the bristles enveloping each eyelash. Well also the modern brush from silicone which carefully combs hairs works, without allowing their pasting. Conveniently not only to extend with plastic stick with jags, but also to bend eyelashes.
  2. Visually dark glossy ink will help to extend eyelashes. To brunettes will suit black or violet, to blue-eyed blondes - blue or brown, to brown-haired women - dark green. Choosing the ink giving not bright color, and only hint on it - receive make-up which will be appropriate both in the afternoon, and in the evening.
  3. Make up eyelashes at good lighting - for example, about window. It is quite good to use magnifying mirror - it will help to paint over accurately even the shortest eyelashes in corners of eyes.
  4. Starting coloring of upper eyelashes, dip brush into tube, rub off surplus about neck. You apply ink with smooth movements, beginning from roots and conducting brush to tips. You hold its core parallel to century. Do movements up and towards temples - so you visually extend eyelashes. Impose ink thin layer, and remove the formed lumps clean brush or Q-tip.
  5. Not to soil with ink skin, the upper eyelid can be held with fingers slightly. Having noticed has begun to flow, quickly erase it clean Q-tip. After drying dab of ink will be more difficult to be removed. You do not hurry - ink has to be applied very accurately, only then the make-up will look beautifully.
  6. Dry up the first layer of ink and put the second. The extending ink has thin texture and can be applied even in three layers. To bend direct eyelashes, for several seconds press them brush at roots.
  7. It is convenient to paint over short eyelashes in corners of eyes the tip of brush. On sale there is ink to the special tip ball ideal for registration of corners of eyes. You watch that on core too much ink has not got - it is very easily smeared.
  8. In conclusion apply ink on the lower eyelashes. It is for this purpose better to use thinner and short brush. Not to soil skin under eyes, enclose napkin or the sheet of paper under eyelashes. Make up the lower eyelashes in one or two layers. Conduct brush from top to down - so eyes will seem is larger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team