How to apply varnish on nails

How to apply varnish on nails

Having learned to apply independently varnish on nails, you at any time will be able to refresh manicure. Correctly applied enamel lies even, shadowproof layer, it is not chopped off and does not slip from nails. To master art of manicure, it is necessary to spend time for training and to stock up with quality varnish, thinner and remover.

It is required to you

  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - nail varnish;
  • - base;
  • - upper covering.


1. Remove old varnish from nails. Then wash up hands and well dry them. It is possible to apply varnish only on completely clean and dry nails. Remove cuticle to the nail basis - it will release nail bed and will make manicure accurater.

2. Cover nails with protective base in one or two layers. It will protect plates from yellowing and will add to firmness manicure. The base with calcium and vitamins will be suitable for fragile nails, under varnishes with large number of spangles you put basis with microfibres.

3. Choose varnish. Shades of average saturation, opaque or glossy will be suitable for daily manicure. For evening design choose varnishes with glitter or holographic effect. It is the simplest to use soft glossy varnishes and means with spangles. Matt, "sand" and other lacquers with special effects demand skill in drawing. It is the most difficult to put accurately means with the nacre leaving strips on nails.

4. Before coloring mix varnish. It is not necessary to shake bubble, turn it and rub between palms - means will become uniform. If you want to use varnish with glitter, several hours prior to manicure turn bubble bottom up and leave it in such situation. The brilliant particles which have settled on bottom will move to the surface of varnish and you will be able to apply them on nails.

5. Dip brush in varnish, establish it in the middle of nail, is closer to its basis. The smooth movement push brush to cuticle, and then draw line to edge of nail. Repeat reception, having painted over side surface of plates. Such reception approaches if brush wide and flat.

6. If brush thin, you apply varnish differently. Gather varnish and carry out by brush arch at the nail basis, repeating the line of cuticle. Then again dip brush and several dabs from below up paint over the remained surface.

7. Dry nails and cover them with the second layer of enamel - it will finally show color of means. Translucent varnishes demand three-layer drawing. In conclusion dip brush in bottle, slightly rub off it about neck and paint over nail face - it will prolong manicure life.

8. Having finished painting, apply on nails upper covering with effect of luster. It will smooth roughnesses of varnish and will give to manicure firmness. The covering combining properties of top and drying is very convenient - it in five minutes dries up several varnish coats. You put it with thick layer, from cuticle to nail tip, without forgetting to take also side parts of plates.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team