How to apply vtirka for nails on usual varnish

How to apply vtirka for nails on usual varnish

Vtirka — new and budgetary option of design of nails. With its help it is possible to make quickly and cheap beautiful and modern manicure. Usually it is applied on gel polish, but also on usual varnish it will remarkably look.

It is required to you

  • vtirka for nails;
  • usual varnish of any color;
  • fixer;
  • means for varnish removal (to degrease plate);
  • brush;


1. To put vtirka for nails, it will not be required to finish courses or to use the special equipment. This loose means is similar to dust and friable shadows. It has received the name thanks to way of drawing — its accurate movements rub in plate. Vtirka is absolutely safe for nails and cuticle, she does not cause irritation and allergy, does not spoil from water and sunshine.

2. This means can be applied on all nails, but decorate with it only 1-2 fingers on hand more often. In the beginning it is necessary to prepare plate and cuticle as at usual manicure, if necessary to degrease. That the vtirka on nail varnish has gained deep and saturated color, it is better to apply it on dark varnish, for example, black or blue, and to make up two not really thin layers.

3. Vtirka for nails on usual varnish is applied on surface which has dried up, but has not managed to harden yet. The jar with pigment is accurately opened and lower nail in powder. It is also possible to apply means on plate with sponge go brush. But it is important to remember that the layer has to be thick, and vtirka so small that it is better to put support or any material on working surface. Powder is rubbed in nail fingers of other hand or sponge that the surface became ideally plain and smooth.

4. When the vtirka for nails is completely put, its remains brush away clean brush. And manicure remained longer, apply fixer. Important in the first several hours not to use cream and not to wash hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team