How to apply wax for laying on hair

How to apply wax for laying on hair

Wax for laying is irreplaceable during the performing of extravagant hairstyles or creation of effect of ideal smoothness of hair. However many girls who have tried this means are disappointed – wax sticks together hair, makes heavier hairstyle and it is washed away hardly. What should I do? It is correct to apply wax for hair.

It is required to you

  • - solid wax;
  • - wax in spray;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - round brush;
  • - thin hairbrush;
  • - hair curlers.


  1. On sale the solid wax packaged in banks and liquid product in spray meets. Solid wax is irreplaceable during the forming of the sculptural curls, fixation of bang and separate locks which are making out hairstyle and also for creation of effect of ideally smooth heavy hair. Liquid wax-spray will help to issue very rigid, overdried and unruly hair. It softly fixes hairstyle, helps to make curls "alive" and brilliant and gives them healthy look.
  2. Before processing put hair in order. Wash up them and carefully dry phenom. Take a little means from banks and pound it in palms, slightly warming. So wax will lay down more exactly. You apply it on the chosen locks evenly, distributing on all length.
  3. Further actions depend on the general idea of hairstyle. If you want to receive shock of curls, process rather narrow lock wax and wind it on hair curlers of the chosen diameter. Having twirled all hair, dry their phenom. Remove hair curlers and miss curls between fingers. Elastic curls or abrupt waves will turn out.
  4. Wax is irreplaceable also during creation of sculptural hairstyles. If you need to issue abrupt wave, apply wax on lock, having carried out on it by palms, raise curl by means of thin hairbrush, record in the chosen situation and dry phenom, holding the device not too close to hair. The wave can be processed in addition wax in spray or hairspray.
  5. Do you want to lay short hairstyle feathers? Take a little wax, pound it in hands and apply on hair on all length. Do not take too much means, otherwise hair will look oily. You can smooth hair hairbrush or, on the contrary, raise them fingers, having slightly disheveled. Pound means drop between index and thumb of the right hand and form "plumelets" on bang and temples, extending locks fingers. Dry hairstyle phenom.
  6. Wax will help also during the work with long hair. Apply on clean dry hair wax in spray on all length, avoiding hit on roots. Wind locks on bigger round brush and process their hair dryer installed on the minimum temperature. Brilliant soft waves will turn out.
  7. Before doing plaits, hair can be processed wax too – so from hairstyle small hairs will not be beaten out, and braids will look more equal and brilliant. Any kind of means will be suitable for braids. After laying the hairstyle can be recorded in addition wax-spray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team