How to attach chignon

How to attach chignon

Today chignons endure the next wave of popularity. Long hair always decorate both young girls, and more mature women. And the chignon allows to vary length of hair depending on situation. At the same time your image changes just amazingly.

It is required to you

  • clip-on earrings, tape for chignon, claw clip, hairpins


  1. Modern chignons can differ both on shades, and by types. But nevertheless the system of fastening to hair at the majority of chignons identical. Either tapes, or special invisible clip-on earrings are for this purpose used. Therefore for a start look what fastening at your chignon, and orient, artificial locks will be located where exactly.
  2. If your chignon is tail which is fixed by special tape, then try to put on it over tail from own hair and to record at the certain level, using tapes or hairpins. Such chignon can quite be braided in braids or to do from it other hair.
  3. Also the chignon tail can fasten by means of ordinary claw clip. Record such chignon at the necessary level.
  4. If your hair not too dense, then pin chignon on the top. For this purpose use two clips, having attached chignon under the hair.
  5. Similarly by means of clips attach to the hair and chignon babette. The chignon of this kind is good the fact that it allows to receive ideal hairstyle almost instantly. If you have decided to get chignon of this kind, then consider length of own hair to buy suitable chignon.
  6. If your chignon is switch, then attach it by means of clips. It is possible to leave such chignon in original form or to obkrutit around the head and to record hairpins. This chignon it is also possible to untwine and braid more original braid or to try to do other hair.
  7. To create visibility of more thick and magnificent hair, use chignon tape. Fix such chignon from ear to ear by clip-on earrings. It will visually create visibility of dense head of hear.
  8. Also there are special chignons in the form of bang. Attach this chignon similarly by means of absolutely imperceptible clips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team