How to attach false hair

How to attach false hair

Many women dream of voluminous, long and beautiful hair. However not at everyone it turns out to grow hair to the necessary length and with splendor at many problem. For this reason also should think out fashionistas and beauties various ways extend hair and to increase their volume. One of such ways - laid on locks.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush with the thin handle, mirror and, actually, laid on locks.


  1. Get acquainted with type of fastening of locks of hair. It is necessary to make it before starting attachment of locks to your native hair. The obtained information will save from some difficulties further.
  2. Collect upper part of hair in tail. Be trained to attach locks. For this purpose take one lock and attach it to hair. Then remove. Repeat the procedure several times until you feel that you do it surely.
  3. Using the thin handle of hairbrush, divide hair on the flat line. Collect hair in high tail. Remember that it is necessary to attach hair, since the lowermost hair.
  4. Use the widest locks what are in set, for attachment on the lower level of hair. If in your set two wide locks, then you can quite fix both of them at this level. First of all attach average clip, and after it side.
  5. Check whether exactly you have attached hair. It is important that locks have not been displaced in any given party. Also check reliability of fastening. Hair have to keep well on the head. Over this wide lock attach the following wide.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team