How to attach rhinestones on hair

How to attach rhinestones on hair

There are many ways to look good and be allocated against the background of people around. It is possible to put on fashionable clothes and footwear, to make bright make-up and, of course, beautiful hairstyle. One of such options is carrying rhinestone on hair. This ornament will add to your hair unusual gloss and beauty.


  1. Laid on locks with rhinestones. Choose lock of color necessary to you. It can be in color of your natural hair, and maybe is cardinal differ from them. Make parting in the middle on hair and by means of imperceptible hairpins fix lock at roots. Such hairpins go complete with lock. This way is good the fact that the lock is executed from natural hair which can be twisted, washed and even to paint.
  2. The following method is fishing line with rhinestones on the keratinaceous capsule.  Buy in specialized shop nippers for melting of capsules. Divide hair parting in the middle and allocate lock about 2 mm in size. By means of hook pass hair throughout the capsule and advance it as it is possible closer to roots. Clamp the capsule nippers, before its full fusion. The fishing line attached in such a way will hold on about two months. There are groves which fasten by means of loop. Such fishing line will hold on one or two days, but it can be used repeatedly.
  3. One of the most convenient ways are rhinestones with silicone. In set with such rhinestones the special hook, beads and holders on silicone basis is on sale. Hook take small lock of hair and pass it throughout bead, having fixed from below by silicone. Such rhinestones can be removed and dressed many times.
  4. It is possible to attach rhinestones by means of thread, needle and glue. For this purpose buy rhinestones with so-called ear. Pass thread 15-20 cm long in needle. Allocate lock of hair in 2-3 mm, apply on it gel or varnish and begin to spin from it braid. After have weaved 2-3 cm of braid, place average lock in thread loop. Put on rhinestone needle and advance it up to the end. Further accurately pulling needle, pull thread, and together with it and lock of hair, passing them throughout ear. Weave 2-3 more cm of braid and repeat similar maneuver. When there is tail in 2-3 mm which does not give in to weaving any more, apply on it glue. Best of all glue will be suitable for nails, but it is possible to take also the usual moment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team