How to avoid bags under eyes

How to avoid bags under eyes

So it is got by the nature that process of aging is inevitable. Bags under eyes have an effect sooner or later. Perhaps, it is bad heredity, and, perhaps, and serious problems with heart, kidneys or liver. Also sleepless nights, abuse of alcohol and coffee, cigarettes, frequent tears of unrequited love, search with liquid for the night, etc. can be the cause. How to fight pocket-eyed?

First of all, to get rid of bags, it is necessary to reconsider day regimen. The dream has to be not less than 8 hours. During sleep it is not impossible to sleep on stomach, it will only provoke puffiness of the person. The head has to be in the raised situation (on pillow).

If you the fan of coffee and cigarettes also cannot get rid of this habit then it is necessary to limit their consumption. In the evening in 15 minutes prior to dream it is possible to make on eyes compress of circles of fresh cucumber. Further - light massage with use of the cream containing caffeine - he will make skin more elastic and elastic.

As compresses the used bags of favourite tea or the usual crude potatoes grated on small grater will approach. Such compresses will perfectly take off fatigue, will tighten skin and will eliminate inflammation.

In the morning, as "ambulance" usual cubes of ice will approach. They can also be prepared from green tea, coffee or broths of herbs (camomile, mint, train). Ice in several minutes will remove hypostases and will return fresh look to face skin.

And in end to everything – small cunnings of make-up. For overwrite of circles under eyes use the masking means, is much lighter than tone. It is strictly forbidden to use blue shadows and eyeliner - they will even more emphasize bags under eyes. It is safely possible to use white eyeliner or white (light) shadows. They are applied on internal corner of eye and shaded. If you not the supporter of similar make-up, then it is possible to use green or brown, but only moderately. 

If to follow this advice and not to neglect them, then such doubtful ornament as bags under eyes, will never disturb you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team