How to avoid baldness

How to avoid baldness

Each person daily loses about one hundred hair, and with age, the hair loss amplifies even more. Baldness can concern both men, and women and some perceive it as the tragedy. Process of baldness can be stopped or slowed down, for this purpose it is necessary to know some rules of hair care.


  1. There is a lot of causes of baldness and the most obvious of them is the general exhaustion of organism. Be engaged in improvement. Lead the correct life, exclude alcohol, greasy and spicy food from the diet, play sports. Refuse smoking. Accept more vitamins.
  2. Minimize careful combing of hair. Use hairbrushes with bristle from natural materials. Refuse frequent drying of hair phenom. Wet hair are more subject to fragility therefore do not comb them until they dry.
  3. Try to do massage of the head daily. Inflow of blood to head skin and hair bulbs will increase, normalized work of lymph nodes.
  4. Do not wash hair often. After washing of hair use conditioners which will facilitate combing of hair. Do not pound wet hair towel.
  5. Refuse use of chemical medicines for hair. If there is big need to change hair color, do not use paints, be limited to coloring shampoo.
  6. If you have long hair, do not pull together them with elastic bands. Tightening of hair leads to bigger hair loss and trauma of hair bulbs.
  7. If the hair loss becomes excessive, it is possible to use medications which stop loss of hair.
  8. Do the masks for hair stopping baldness. Wash up the head. Take handful of coarse table salt and rub it in head skin. For ten minutes mass head skin fingertips, and then cover the head with hat for shower. Wash up hair in 10 minutes. Do such mask two times a month. It is possible to rub in hair juice of onions or burdock oil, for hour before washing of the head. The onions smell long does not disappear from hair therefore it is better to do this mask during week-end when there is opportunity to spend day at home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team