How to avoid early appearance of mimic wrinkles

How to avoid early appearance of mimic wrinkles

Daily we test and differently we express the feelings which leave mark on our face in the form of mimic wrinkles. In youth when skin elastic and elastic, wrinkles after relaxation of face muscles are smoothed. But with age skin loses the opportunities, becomes flabby and considerably grows old. How to avoid early appearance of mimic wrinkles and to prolong youth to the skin?

Excessive emotions or "harmful" mimic gestures - wrinkling of forehead, habit to drink through straw and also smoking and ignoring of sunglasses are basic reason of appearance of mimic wrinkles.

"Goose pads", or wrinkles in corners of eyes appear at often laughing people, vertical wrinkles between eyebrows - at uneasy natures, and wrinkles on nose – at are gloomy also gloomy persons.

Unbalanced food, adverse effect of climatic factors, use of low-quality cosmetics promote deepening of mimic wrinkles.

If you have noticed the first wrinkles, then do not panic, it will only lead to formation of new. Take simple advice, and you for a long time will delay emergence of artful wrinkles.

1. Whenever possible refuse habit to violently express the emotions.

2. Regularly do gymnastics for face muscles: widely open eyes, and then screw up and rotate eyeballs on and against hour hand, then slightly clap fingertips on skin around eyes. 

3. Lead healthy lifestyle: refuse alcohol and cigarettes, avoid extreme diets and pass to balanced diet, do not neglect walks in the fresh air and rather long sound sleep.

4. You sleep with the raised head and avoid sn on stomach. 

5. Use only quality decorative cosmetics and do not forget about daily food and moistening of your skin. Choose for yourself face and skin cream around eyes individually.

Some resort to more radical method, addressing professional cosmetologists – Botox injection. It contains the substances blocking the nervous impulses going to mimic muscles. As a result - the person which is grown poor by emotions in the form of mask. Before resorting to this procedure, think whether it is worth losing it?

And in conclusion: problem it is always easier to warn, than to get rid therefore it is necessary to begin to fight against mimic wrinkles, long before their emergence. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team