How to avoid extensions on breast

How to avoid extensions on breast

breasts very thin and gentle skin, during such loads of female body as pregnancy, childbirth, feeding by breast and weight fluctuations, breast increases in the amount of, becomes heavier. At the same time skin stretches and does not maintain such loading. In some places there can be ruptures of connecting fabrics where extensions appear.


  1. Actually extensions represent cicatricial fabric, obrazovyvayushchuyusya on the surface of skin in places of rupture of connecting fabric. Extensions on breast bring lot of discomfort to young ladies and generate complexes. Most of women feel constraint before the partner, cease to wear clothes with deep decollete and revealing linen. All this badly affects quality of life and forces to look for means for prevention of extensions, or for disposal of them.
  2. It is much simpler to prevent their emergence that it is possible to make different methods, however it needs to be done constantly, during all life. First of all accustom themselves to finish each acceptance of bathtub with contrast shower. Begin to use the masks strengthening for breast which can be picked up in drugstore. The excellent result is yielded by light massage of breast, it is desirable to use olive oil at the same time. It needs to be applied in small amounts to moist skin after reception of bathtub and to rub.
  3. Will help to avoid extensions on breast also cream with vitamin complexes, it is desirable that in structure there was collagen and elastin. Components from herbs, such as essential oil of tea tree, extract of horse chestnut and camomile ukreplyayushche affect skin and help to prevent emergence of extensions.
  4. Once a week do peeling of skin on breast, peeling of upper layer accelerates process of production of elastin and levels the surface of skin. At peeling skin has stress at the expense of what cellular elements will be mobilized, producing biologically active agents with bigger force. The more deeply you carry out peeling, the stronger skin has stress and rather it is updated that does not give the chance to be formed to extensions.
  5. On extent of penetration the peeling is divided into average and superficial. The superficial peeling is mechanical, that is the surface of skin is ground by fine sand. The average peeling is carried out under anesthetic and provides drawing on breast skin acid which gets into deep skin layers.
  6. Gymnastic exercises yield good result, but too it is not necessary to be zealous. Do not begin to do exercises with high speed, before the beginning surely warm up.

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