How to avoid extensions on stomach at pregnancy

How to avoid extensions on stomach at pregnancy

To get rid of extensions on stomach after pregnancy very difficult, it is better to take care of that they did not arise at all. Prevention of extensions will not take you too much time and forces. Having become pregnant, accustom yourself to simple daily procedures which will help to keep beautiful skin on stomach.


1. Extensions appear because owing to severe stretching of skin, connecting fabric is broken off. During pregnancy this phenomenon can occur quite often. The rupture of connecting fabric is connected also with the fact that in organism of future mother there is not enough collagen and elastin - the proteins which are responsible for elasticity of skin.

2. If you want your skin to have kept the beauty, use cosmetics for future mothers from first weeks of pregnancy. The range of creams from extensions will pleasantly surprise you. Also you can use special oils or srubs. Such means need to be applied on body daily after shower. It is recommended to process cream stomach, hips and breast since these sites are most of all subject to extensions.

3. If you are not able to afford to buy quality cosmetics, use children's cream. It also perfectly moisturizes the skin. Unfortunately, on quality it cannot be compared to special creams and oils for pregnant women whose part are elastin, collagen, various useful extracts of plants, vitamins A and E.

4. Cosmetics can prevent emergence of extensions not completely. To be reinsured, you carry prenatal bandage which will stretch in process of growth of your tummy and also to provide additional support for waist and stomach.

5. To keep beautiful skin, reconsider diet of the food. Use only useful products. Surely include light meat of bird in which there are proteins and other useful substances in diet. At least once in week eat the fish rich with fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 (trout, salmon, salmon). Do not forget about fruit, vegetables, fresh juices, dairy and fermented milk products. Limit consumption of sweets, they do collagen fibers by more rigid and worsen elasticity of skin.

6. To avoid extensions, lead active lifestyle. Consult with the doctor who conducts your pregnancy, perhaps, he will allow you to carry out easy physical exercises. The small physical education not only will protect you from emergence of ugly extensions, but also will prepare all muscles for childbirth.

7. Special massages and contrast souls can become the help in fight against extensions. But before their beginning, you have to talk to the gynecologist. If you have complications at pregnancy, such methods can lead to awful consequences. Take care, watch over the health, consult with the doctor, and the problem of emergence of extensions will not concern you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team