How to avoid growing of hair after epilator

How to avoid growing of hair after epilator

The electric epilator is great way to forget for a long time about vegetation standing and in the field of bikini. But the joy of smooth skin can sadden one side effect – the grown hair. Not to face similar problem which sometimes demands surgical intervention it is necessary to know how to prevent growing of hair.

It is required to you

  • - sugar srub with salicylic acid;
  • - Batsillol;
  • - lotion against growing of hair;
  • - brush with synthetic bristle;
  • - chlorhexidin;
  • - Furacilin;
  • - thin needle;
  • - tweezers.


1. Before epilation it is worth taking some measures. First, to disinfect hands and edges of the device Batsillol liquid. Usual alcohol does not delete all microbes and can cause metal corrosion.

2. Secondly, to prevent growing of hair before application of epilator, it is necessary to make peeling of skin of legs. For this purpose the srub with rigid parts will be required. The procedure is carried out on the steamed-out skin after bathtub.

3. For strengthening of effect of srub it is worth using synthetic brush for body. It is necessary to apply srub on body and to rub it the ascending movements. This procedure will facilitate wrest of hair, preventing them obryvaniye at root.

4. It is possible to prevent growing of hair during epilation if it is correct to carry out the procedure. At first it is necessary to process leg ice cube – skin will be wrinkled, and hairs will rise. Then to pull skin on itself and to carry out by epilator from below up.

5. To minimize risk and to prevent growing of hair during epilation, you should not carry out the procedure during critical days, in alcohol intoxication (some girls take alcoholic drinks as anesthesia) and also if bad day was (the mood, the fingers are all thumbs, etc. has fallen). Observance of these simple rules will make epilation session less painful.

6. Sometimes learn about problem of growing of the woman after the procedure, having for some reason ignored precautionary measures. In that case it is necessary to take away the grown hair after epilator or to prevent its emergence.

7. During couple of days avoid visit of sauna and the beach, do not take hot bath. Provide to skin relative rest – do not rub, do not pinch and do not injure it.

8. Use special lotions which fight against growing of hair. Rub them in skin daily within week.

9. For the third day carry out the procedure of peeling, using sugar srub with salicylic acid. This product will carefully remove dead skin cells, opening hairs exit outside. Also similar srub can be applied if the grown hair nevertheless has appeared.

10. It is possible to take away the grown hair after epilator salon by means of the procedure of ionophoresis with aloe. And in house conditions it is necessary to stock up with patience.

11. At first calm skin solution of chlorhexidin or Furacilin. Then take thin needle, previously having disinfected its Batsillol. Pick up the grown hair and pull out it tweezers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team