How to avoid irritation

How to avoid irritation

Sensitive and whimsical skin brings a lot of trouble upon the owner - not only weather conditions, but even usual change of some care product can turn back reddenings, burning or allergy. Skin needs careful, but extremely delicate, leaving. And you as to the owner of such skin should remember the basic rules and some cunnings - and then unpleasant surprises will not hinder to you.


1. First of all reconsider all the daily rituals to which you subject the person. Than you wash? Of course, some cream or milk it is necessary not to manage - and at least once in day to skin more thorough clarification. Such means, however, perfectly are suitable for removal of make-up, but they obviously have to be neutral and not comprise fragrances. You should not wash even the softest or children's soap - choose gel or skin with the calming extracts (camomiles, for example) and zero level ph and wash them every morning with cool water.

2. Sensitive skin needs also peeling. Naturally, usual srubs not always approach - they often contain such elements as salicylic acid, alcohol and also just too rough parts. You easily can to make srub of own preparation - for example, no harm will exist from the soft grits which are slightly crushed in the coffee grinder and divorced in warm broth of camomile. Grain can also be mixed also with cream or low-fat cottage cheese.

3. Sensitive skin cream it is better to use neutral or children's, they are suitable practically for any type of skin, contain natural extracts and are made without fragrances or fragrances. If to choose not the nutritious, and moisturizing cream - that it can easily be suitable both for mixed, and for oily skin.

4. Wash infusions of herbs, for example, of train or camomiles. It is possible to do it though several times a day, the effect will be exclusively positive. These herbs possess softening, calming and removing reddenings by actions, that is all what is necessary for skin, sensitive and inclined to unexpected irritations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team