How to avoid scrapes from the inside of hips in the flying

How to avoid scrapes from the inside of hips in the flying

In the flying, especially in hot days, many people suffer from scrapes and intertrigo from the inside of hips. It brings painful and discomfortable feelings, especially when walking. There are several ways of fight against this trouble.

Use firm deodorant. You apply it on problem places in 15-20 minutes prior to exit to the street. He creates water-proof film, thereby saving skin from intertrigo.

One more way of rescue of internal surface of hips from irritation and discomfort – use of usual children's powder. It is necessary to apply it right after acceptance of shower to clean and dry skin.

If in the house there was no children's powder, can safely replace it with potato starch. Plentifully apply it to clean skin, and even during strong heat it will protect your hips from discomfort and friction.

It is possible to treat already available scrapes on skin by means of coconut oil. The main thing that it was the natural and quality product. Oil the damaged places and let's medicine be absorbed. Coconut oil will take off pain and unpleasant effects, will accelerate healing of wounds, and in hot weather after use of oil skin long remains dry.

It is possible to use special cream "from intertrigo", but for the best effect it needs to be applied to skin several times a day.

If no cosmetics help, there is sense to resort to old reliable tool – to shorts or easy summer pantalonchik. Just put on them under dress, it will help to secure the internal surface of hips against friction and intertrigo. The popular "national cunning" – independently to make shorts of usual kapron tights. They too successfully cope with problem of scrapes in hot day.

You wear clothes of free cut from light and natural fabrics. Synthetics and excessively fitting thing hips with rough seams provoke irritation and injury of skin. If serious physical activities are coming you, give preference to layered clothing which will remove surplus of moisture and will reduce risk of emergence of intertrigo.

There is opinion that people with excess weight suffer from scrapes of skin on inside of hips most often. Really, stout persons often face this problem therefore it is worth thinking of reconsidering the diet and to lose extra kilos. Enter more fish and seafood into the diet, useful Omega-3 fats will make skin of more elastic.  

Carry out special exercises for strengthening of muscles and increase in tone of skin on the internal surface of hips.

If skin after all was injured, refuse for a while dresses and skirts and give preference to trousers from light fabrics. Take heat bath with broth of medicative herbs (camomile, St. John's wort, oak bark), and then accurately blot the damaged places with towel or tissue and apply the healing ointment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team