How to avoid set of weight: 7 councils

How to avoid set of weight: 7 councils

In cold season our physical activity usually decreases. The person is more senior than 30 years on average puts in year on weight on 0.9 kg, from them 0.5 kg fall on winter months. If not to change habit in food and way of life, having saved up this weight, you will not be able to lose it any more. And 900 grams a year for 10 flyings will turn into additional 9 kilograms.

What in it bad? Having saved up 9 kg by 40 years, to 50 you save up 9 more. Eighteen kilograms in twenty years — and you have appeared on the verge of risk of cardiac diseases, cancer and diabetes. Actually the situation is even worse: researches have shown that people with excess weight gain about 2 kilograms in year.

Basic reasons of set of weight:

  • improper feeding; 
  • stress;
  • alcohol;
  • lack of physical exercises.

Be careful with alcohol

The World Health Organization (WHO) declares the following safe doses of alcohol:

For men — 0.5 liters of beer, either 400 ml of dry wine, or 75 ml of strong alcohol a day. For women — 0.33 liters of beer, either 300 ml of dry wine, or 50 ml of strong alcohol a day. At least 4 days a week not to take alcoholic drinks.

Extra alcohol also interrupts sleep, dehydrates organism, gives excess calories. Calories make the contribution contribution to these kilograms of excessive weight too.

Wash down each glass of alcoholic drink with glass of water, avoid some sweet liqueurs and tinctures and try to respect alcohol consumption rates.

You aim at healthy food

Everyone "on the run" it is better to exclude snack from diet. For example, cheese pie contains about 250 calories. Healthy snack as, for example the fresh vegetables filled with mix of wine vinegar of olive oil and greens contain only 15-20 calories.

Besides, vegetable cellulose slowly is digested, than reduces feeling of hunger.

Forgive yourself small weaknesses

Let's say you have family dinner and the grandmother has made the well-known chocolate cake. Afford small piece and eat with pleasure. The negative emotions caused by sense of guilt can lead to stress and the overeating caused by it. Of course, it is better not to do such indulgences more often than one-two times a week.

Control and support the healthy habits

Whether always you have densely breakfast? Do you have in the afternoon got used to have a bite some healthy food? Whether you try to gorge on before going to bed? Most of us has got used to forget about useful habits at this time. Define for yourself the preferences, most useful to health, in food and try not to change them.

Morning physical exercises

Researches have shown that the people who are carrying out in the morning physical exercises then, during the day, show big physical activity. After morning exercises the people also react to type of tasty food less and they do not need extra food to fill losses of calories in morning training.

People who have lost weight and want to support it, have to be engaged not less than an hour a day. Include training in the schedule! Do not postpone for the next Monday, begin tomorrow.  

Think of somebody whom you admire who radiates health, confidence and positivity

Why and to you not to be inspired by such example. It can help to control preferences in food.

 Rejoice to the good company, but not good food

Pay more attention to communication with friends and relatives, walks in the fresh air. Active lifestyle will distract you from thoughts of food.

Try to begin to integrate these simple and healthy rules already from tomorrow. Let gradually, but act. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team