How to avoid the first wrinkles

How to avoid the first wrinkles

Many women consider that with age appearance of wrinkles is inevitable. But at the correct and timely leaving of wrinkle will appear much later.

The woman's face is its business card. That wrinkles did not sadden your beauty, take simple advice on face skin care.

1 council. Skin clarification. That skin looked young and fresh, it is necessary to purify it carefully. But it is for this purpose optional to use strong means. Wash away cosmetics warm water, and then wipe face with tonic or lotion. Two times a week peel skin srub or means for peeling. This procedure will help to prevent appearance of acne as the died-off cages in which fat accumulates are removed and bacteria breed.

2 council. Moistening. Face skin needs regular moistening. Therefore in the morning and in the evening you apply the moisturizing cream to the cleaned skinDuring the day it is possible to use thermal water. Once a week is recommended to do nutritious and moisturizing masks for the person. It is possible to put the masks prepared by you from natural products or to use masks of various cosmetic brands.

3 council. The choice of means for leaving. It is necessary to choose cosmetic products depending on skin type. The dermatologist or the cosmetologist will help to define your type of skin. Also you can make it independently, having used special literature.

4 council. Facial massage. Massage stimulates blood circulation, helps to tighten face form and to make skin of more elastic. For massage it is possible to use natural oils, they moisturize and feed the skin.

5 council. Refuse addictions. Alcohol and tobacco smoke promote aging of skin and slow down formation of new cages. Skin becomes dim and takes sickly look.

6 council. Protection against weather. The sun, wind, cold - all these factors influence face skin. Therefore it is important to choose care products depending on season. In the winter fat cream which will protect skin from cold is necessary, and it is necessary to use the moisturizing creams with SPF in the flying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team