How to be always harmonious

How to be always harmonious

Excess weight brings not only frustration from own reflection in mirror, but also not in the best way affects your health. Your half will continue to love you even with extra kilos. But if you want to have good health, it is better to learn to keep symmetry of the body.


1. It is no secret, that most of all the weight of the person is influenced by food. It is necessary to begin with it to manage the weight. Accustom themselves not to be enough from table everything, and at first to analyze whether on the business you want it will eat and as far as it is useful. The balanced diet is optimum compliance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food which the person receives.

2. One of the main mistakes which are growing thin or those who are afraid to recover – too strict restriction of in food. Most often as a result of it the organism has deficiency of useful substances. The healthy nutrition first of all has to be various. Everything has to be moderately. If you cannot live without any dish, harmful to figure, you should not suffer and to completely refuse to yourself it. Eat it no more than two times a month, and include food in which usefulness you will not have any doubts in the daily diet.

3. Considerable role is played also by frequency of meal. Accustom themselves to give feed to organism not less than five times a day. Between traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner eat fruit, vegetable or handful of nuts. It will allow you not to have acute sense of hunger and not to overeat during full reception of food.

4. Good digestion and reduction of appetite is promoted by pure drink. It is considered that the person needs to drink two liters of water a day. There are many disputes around this question. If it seems to you that you will hardly master two liters, begin to drink on liter every day. When it becomes your useful habit, the organism itself will prompt that it is necessary to increase amount of liquid. Instead of thirst can sometimes seem that you have got hungry. Do not allow to deceive itself. Do not go to the fridge at once, at first drink several drinks of water. If the feeling of hunger has not passed, with clear conscience sit down at table.

5. Life is the movement. And for maintaining symmetry it is just necessary. Begin to play sports regularly. Now there is large number of various techniques, types of fitness. And nobody cancelled traditional sports. In any business the main sign of success is regularity. Make work on the figure as usual, daily thing. And then reflection in mirror will please day by day for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team