How to be always well-groomed

How to be always well-groomed

modern woman just is not able to afford to be not well-groomed. Children, the beloved husband, fellow workers look at her. To be always as it should be, many efforts are not required. It is enough to achieve once ideal appearance, and then just to support due level.


  1. To put the appearance in order, present to yourself day in beauty shop. Dye and cut hair, make manicure, pedicure, epilation. You descend in sunbed. Give the form to eyebrows. If they light - paint them with special structure. It will help to look good even without cosmetics.
  2. After professionals have worked at your appearance, just it is necessary to adjust the appearing imperfections in time. Manicure and pedicure correct houses, cutting cuticle in process of growth. It to make all after acceptance of bathtub easier. The skin adjacent to nails is steamed out and easily separates the special tool. If you do not love bright varnishes, apply transparent varnish to add to nails gloss and to prevent oblamyvaniye.
  3. With hairstyle the situation is slightly more difficult. If you have difficult highlighting, it is better to paint over the grown roots in salon. And when hair are tinted in one color, it is possible to correct image also at home. Buy paint of the necessary shade. Part structures in the proportions specified in the instruction. Apply at first on the grown sites (for 20 - 25 minutes). After this time distribute the remains on hair. Do not allow strong growth of roots. Multi-colored hair give not well-groomed look not only to hairstyle, but also all shape.
  4. Remember as the cosmetologist pulled out eyebrows and what form has given them. As soon as hairs begin to grow, delete them with tweezers. So they will always be in full order.
  5. That the beautiful shade of skin remained, visit sunbed once a week. In the flying it can be done more rare and if there is opportunity to sunbathe at the dacha or near the next lake, then and not to go in general. Only you remember that the surplus of ultraviolet is very harmful to organism. Therefore it is impossible to abuse sunbed at all.
  6. The most important rule for maintenance of well-groomed look is not to put off necessary procedures. If you have noticed that manicure not as it should be - at once be engaged in nails. There were eels - make mask or cleaning. Tips of hair - immediately to the hairdresser have begun to split. Then you will perfectly look always, and not just couple of days after visit of beauty shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team